Monday, May 30, 2011

Pool Time

At the apartments where my parents live there is a Pool, we have been loving the pool so close and convenient. I have a feeling we will be spending most of the summer here!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Fun with Cousins

We love living so close to family! Telia comes to visit often and we love having cousins come and play. This visit, we went to see the petroglyph national monument.
And the kids played alot.

Thanks Andersons for coming!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Albuquerque Temple

The Temple is only 5 min from my parents house, so close and so beautiful!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Parks and Arroyos


We are having fun exploring new parks and all the arroyos around here. This place is built for major flooding. It will be fun to see the monsoon season.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Bear Canyon Hiking

About 5 min from my parents house is the trail head for many hikes. We are loving how close we live to many fun hikes!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Moving to Albuquerque

We had quite the adventure moving to Albuquerque! My wonderful parents helped us so much. My mom gave us buddy passes to fly the kids and I out and my Dad flew out to help pack up and drive with Art.
So with the car somewhat packed and house somewhat clean we got dropped off at the airport, soon to find out their were no open flights out of Ft. Meyer that day. They suggested renting a car to Tampa and flying out of there. So we did. We ran to the car rental, rented a car and drove up to Tampa to catch a flight.
Here are the kids in our van rental, so nice to drive a van, the kids loved it.

Here we are finally on the airplane.

Waiting for our next flight to Albuquerque.

Finally in Albuquerque, Telia and kiddos where there to greet us, we loved seeing them and the kids loved seeing their cousins. However the fun did not end here. We got a call from Art saying the car did not make it, they were in Amarillo Texas and the car died. So the kids and I left early the next day in my Dad's truck to go and pick them up and all of our stuff.On our way to rescue the boys, 5 hour drive one way.

The kids had fun playing with all our stuff strewn all over this ghetto hotel they stayed in.

Such wonderful kids and family, making the most of our adventure. It was all a blessing in the end. We left our car there and Art drove back with a car trailer to bring it home, on his way home towing the car some teenager rear ended the car on the trailer. The insurance claimed it as totaled and we got enough money to buy a van. So in the end we got a Van which has been heaven for me. Good things come to those who wait. And have crazy moving adventures.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Goodbye Florida and Friends

We are off, and have to say goodbye to beautiful Florida and to our many wonderful friends. Here are some things we will miss:
Wonderful, amazing friends and Neighbors, Game nights with Reimschiissels, Big house, Play room, Sunshine every day, running all winter long, Art home for lunch, Art off for holidays and summer, Street play times with friends, Great road for kids to bike on, Close splash park, Running to the beach, The Beach!, Barefoot Beach, its shells and exploring, Claims Pass Beach and rides, Vanderbilt Beach, close and convenient, Beautiful Library, Great story time at the Library, Awesome story time at Barnes and Noble, Mall playplace, Free Zoo Days, Canoe adventures, Air boat rides, Manatees, Dolphins, The Pier, Manta rays, Lowdermilk Beach, Botanical Gardens with Grampie, Temple trips to Orlando, Diseny world trips, Ft. Lauderdale adventures, Thanksgiving with Whittemores, Ikea trips, Visits from Angie, Hiking the Everglades, Seeing Alligators, Seeing Snakes, Seeing Millions of Birds, Tropical Thunder Storms, Ford Mansion, Meeting up with Erin and Angie, Family Visits, Camping in the Florida keys, Miami wealth, Naples wealth, Fancy cars, Crabs, Sand Castles, Canoeing Claims Pass, Swim play Dates, Marcado Movie Nights, Law/Anesthesiology student ward, Plumeria Trees, Orange smell in the air, Free Utilities, Homemade charlie brown Christmas tree, Dr Brown, Free Insurance and Dental school, Shannon Allen and her friendship, Black Friday with AnnMarie, Dancing with Emily, Biggest Loser group, and many more wonderful things we were able to experience in our two short years in Florida.

Saturday, May 14, 2011


Well the day is here, after 3 years and many hours of studying Art has graduated from Law School. Now we only have two bars to complete and we may be on our way into the real world.